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What to See in Your Vietnam Adventure Trip

If you are travelling to South East Asia then you should not miss an adventure trip to Vietnam. Tourists who have visited the place are simply amazed at its natural beauty with all its great hills, mountain and valleys that you can explore in the northern part of the country. In the south, there is the Mekong Delta and many hundreds of deserted beaches that lie in-between. You can find package tours of Vietnam that will take you from north to south of Vietnam. This type of package will let you enjoy the totality of Vietnam with all its beaches, miles and miles of rice paddies, the majestic mountains, and the abundance of fresh seafood that makes the famous Vietnamese cuisine. If you have tried Vietnamese dishes in your own country, tasting the real thing will make you marvel at the difference.

The finest adventures in Asia are found in Vietnam. In the north of Vietnam are many trails where trekkers can have a great adventure. You can enjoy a great ride through the roads and the trails that follow the route of the Ho Chi Minh trail going into the delta. The central highlands provide the perfect setting for kayaking and rock climbing. You can learn about and meet the minority hill tribes that live in that areas you are exploring. You can spend a night or two in a village home.

The places described below are some of the tour packages that you can avail of on your trip to Vietnam.

You can take a tour of Hanoi which is Vietnam’s capital city. One of its ancient legacies is the congested Old Quarter. This is one of the oldest places in existence in Vietnam and was formerly outside the Imperial Palace. Today, you will find cheap hotels, tourist shops and cafes in this side of Hanoi.

In the northwest is a form hill station call Sa Pa which has a breathtaking view of mountains all around. If you love trekking, you will enjoy trekking to the many villages of the Dao and Hmong peoples.

Ha Long Bay is a World Heritage Site. One can take a boat ride around the bay where you can see many grottos, islands and jagged limestone rock formations.

From Ha Long bay, you take another boat ride along the Perfume river to reach Hue. In this place you can stop and visit the ancient pagodas and the majestic mausoleums of former emperors.

Another great place to visit is Ho Chi Mind city which boasts of its tree-lined boulevards and French-style villas which are now great museums.

Vietnam is also known for its floating markets, fruit orchards, paddy fields, and coconut plantation and these can be seen in My Tho which is an ideal place in the Mekong Delta.

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