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Ways Of Changing Your Blog Into A Book

A blog is a discussion or a website that is informational that is issued in a worldwide web the blog consists of discrete posts that are informal. The posts are basically presented in reverse chronological order, and hence the current post will appear at the top of the web page.

There comes a time when a blogger is not interested to blog anymore and instead, he or she decides to become an author. Most people will opt to publish what they ever wrote into a hard copy so that they can flow their ideas. The blogs will act as a starting base of how the blogger developed his or her ideas from scratch. The blog will.The blog provides a foundation when writing the book. When you have an idea of writing the book, you can begin by writing the book in the blogs. You can use the tips below to turn the blog into a book.

One strategy is to book your blog. If you blog consistently, you can find out that the content can be enough for a book. This is where the thought comes of turning the blog into a manuscript or written. Plan the outline and the table of content based on the type of the book that you want. Research on the published blog posts that will be compatible with the outline given. Thirdly, copy and paste the posts from the blog to the word document to make a manuscript. Feed in new content in the gaps.

If you keep on writing blogs; you will find out that you have enough content for the book. You can, therefore, write the manuscript in blog-post-sized pieces and then you can be publishing them regularly on your blog site. This will create you a platform and fans who will be eager to read your book once you publish it. You will be equipped with content that you can share with your social networks. You are advised to pubkish the chapters in pieces so that you can raise the curiosity of the fans.

Another strategy of turning your blog into a book create a content plan for your book. Create a mind map, or you can also carry out an inspiration session so as to create the content that is required in your book. Come up with the best content that will make your book marketable and not that that you have already written in the blogs. You create new content because the book cannot be complete by using the blog posts only.

Mine from the blog content that fits the book. When you already have the content plan get the relevant posts from the blog to the outlined chapters.

Make sure you edit the manuscript before you print it. Avoid picking the posts that you want in your book and convert them without considering editing.

Discovering The Truth About Tips

Discovering The Truth About Tips

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