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The Purposes That Challenge Coins Serve

Challenge coins, despite their inability to be used as currency still remain similar to the currency coins in many other features. The other difference is that they are made to identify with a group or organization which translates that they bear the logo or the identity of the original organization. Originally, the military gave they members personalized bullets in the course of time this changed as different groups attempted to have the most outstanding challenge symbol and this led to the current day challenge coins.

It was named a challenge coins because it being dropped signified a challenge in different levels from debates, discussions to fights. The other form of challenge was that if anyone had not carried with them their coin and a challenge happened to be called, them they would be required to buy drinks for all the members. The coins, in times of hardships could offer them motivation as to reminded them the cause that they fought for.

The coins symbolized that these persons were members of a team and that they served a mission greater than themselves which in itself unified them. Considering the noble purpose that these coins play, it is therefore not unusual to find them being carried everywhere a soldier goes. Challenge coins were just but one of the many forms that were used to appreciate soldiers depending of what they had done. Challenge coins differ with the reason being why they are issued, which meant that the challenge coins that were given as a means of appreciation were much more special in make. These coins could also be used by the members who, by now are retired , as reminder of what their days in the army were like. These coins prove to be hard to find because they are made in very minute quantities often less than a hundred or so.

The different purposes they served dictated the material they were made of, sometimes even from precious metals like gold or silver. The other reason that explains their limited availability is the fact that the designs are unique to the minting companies hence making it hard to produce counterfeits of them. The company requesting these coins dictates the shapes and any other special features to be added onto them. In the recent past, there has been an increased trend of collection these rare coins. The increase in the numbers interested in there goes up and since their number remains constant, it then means that they continue to become harder to find. A major source of these coins is in actions as they try to sell someone’s goods and come across them. In this regard, there are even different websites that specialize in the sale and purchase of these coins.

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